Le Dîner à San Francisco

Presented by Acura


 Friday, September 12, 2014!




Thousands will gather at a secret outdoor location

Guests dress elegantly in white
Decorate incredible tables
Bring their own inspired feast
Their favorite wine

Watch a performance by our VERY special (but secret) musical guest
And dance under the stars

The idea is simple... each guest has a hand in creating an

unforgettable night in San Francisco!


The PopUp Evening in White is an elegant, graceful "pop-up" flash dinner picnic that will be held in one of our city's fabulous locations (the location will be "secret" until right before the event)!​ The night will celebrate the pleasure of dining elegantly and grandly with old friends and new friends in a beautiful outdoor setting. ​Guests of The PopUp Evening in White are encouraged to dress elegantly in white, and bring whatever elegant picnic accoutrement they desire (we will be providing tables and chairs).​While guests are unified in the spirit of the event, the way they choose to celebrate will be of their own design. It is the hope of the PopUp Evening team that the evening will be one of creativity, spontaneity, and magic.​There is no “right way” to participate in The PopUp Evening in White; there is only a time, a place, and a group of your best friends with which to share the unparalleled experience of this unique event. ​unique event. ​

For more information and details please visit the Le Dîner SF Guide

To be added to the guest list email ledinersf@gmail.com