Hand Made Events 2016: PopUp Dinner Season Kicks Off!

2016 is well underway and is shaping up to be an amazing year for Hand Made Events!! We want to share our excitement about what’s coming up next for our PopUp Dinners and give you, our guests, a peek behind the scenes as things begin to kick off!

It has been a long, relaxing, and immensely cozy winter with our family in Sonoma. We definitely need a rest after putting together events that have us zigzagging across the country. Between renovating our home, working on creative projects, and two kids, we have certainly been busy though. But we are so ready to shake off the winter hibernation and and gear up for the PopUp Dinner season once again! We currently have dates in Brooklyn, Sonoma, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Have you booked your tickets yet?

This year we are getting serious about our spring cleaning by giving a refresh to our web pages and social media channels. We look forward to blogging and being on social media more often, because it’s such a great way to stay connected. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @handmadeevents if you want a glimpse of our daily life, and be sure to say hello!

Brooklyn: While the Brooklyn PopUp Dinner has been a huge success the past two years, even we were amazed to watch as the event sold out in 36 hours! With 6000 tickets bought, we can’t wait to see everyone who will be joining us. As for our own travel plans, we just booked a charming brownstone through AirBnB that is a 15 minute walk to the park. The minute we get to Brooklyn, we are dropping our bags and heading out to visit all of our favorite local spots. Let us know if there is anywhere we can’t miss! Every Friday before the event we created a little tradition of having dinner at Bar Tabac, and we already can’t wait to go back.

Sonoma: We are so happy to have partnered with the Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance for the event this year. We will be popping up in a new secret location in the Sonoma wine country, a place so beautiful that choosing the location is pretty tough. This event is one of our favorites because it feels so intimate with only 650 guests and Sonoma has lovely warm evenings, making it perfect for lingering out doors over a glass of wine with friends. This is also our home town event, and we plane to bring our kids!!! It is the one opportunity we have during PopUp Dinner season to show them what we do and we are thrilled to share it with them. Tickets to the event just went on sale March 15 and the event is sold out!

Chicago: That’s right! I said CHICAGO. We have partnered with the wonderful team behind Chicago in White for the 2016 season and we are so excited to head to the Windy City!!! I have never been to Chicago so I am plan on being a full blown tourist the weekend of August 6. Garrett and I also won’t be responsible for producing the event so we get to enjoy the event just like a guest. This is something we have NEVER done. And we can’t wait to see the event from this new perspective.

San Francisco: San Francisco is where it all began, and we truly put our heart into making this event special every year. Mark your calendars, the 6th annual Le Diner à San Francisco will take place on September 9th! The mix of elegance and quirkiness and the energy of the city always makes it an unforgettable night. We are spicing things up in 2016 with a super fun location and some unexpected entertainment, and hope to see you there!

Los Angeles: We will be closing the PopUp Dinner season with the 5th PopUp Dinner in Los Angeles. L.A. definitely knows how to have a good time and the city of endless summer is the perfect place to end our season of dining al fresco. To commemorate the 5th year events in each city, we love to return to our guests favorite location from the past years! What was your favorite location in L.A.? Any guesses as to where it will be? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments or let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

The real question is, have you decided where you’re popping up this year?

PopUp [adj.] pertaining to or executing a spontaneous or unique event where participants create an unexpected, one-of-a-kind experience.


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