Our Favorite PopUp Dinner TableScapes…Of All Time!

Our first PopUp Dinner of the season takes place in less than three weeks in Sonoma Valley!  Then it’s off and running as we chase the beautiful weather around the country.

To kick off the season we thought it would be fun to take a look back and post our favorite tablescapes of all time.  Enjoy!


1. The Tahitian Dream – L.A. 2013 – Santa Monica Pierpop up dinner la_0702

“Out of this world” is the only way to describe this table!  We watched as the guests assembled this structure they had built at home. Amazing what a canopy can do, isn’t it? Coupled with the lanterns, palm leaves, square glass plates and each guest got their own personal hand fan.  This table would have been a winner anywhere. But with the secret location of this particular event being the Santa Monica Pier, the back drop was non other than the Pacific Ocean!! This table amazes us to this day. Unfortunately you can’t really see it too well… but in that large glass jar in the center…. fish were swimming! We are not joking, actual fish to complete this island fantasy table!


2) Elegance Perfected – San Francisco 2012 – Marina Green

le diner 2012-124

How beautiful is this?!  Anything that adds height to the table really helps it to stand out. In this case candelabras with pillar candles, white flowers and cascading greens. We also love their use of excessive glass for wine and candles.  Their plates were layered round, square, napkin, twigs and starfish. Even the men surrounding this table play the part perfectly in their white scarves and hats. Bravo!!

3) Bring Your Own and Make a Statement – Brooklyn – Prospect Park Peninsula

pop up LA preview006

We have to give a shout out to our sponsors on this one.  Acura went above and beyond bringing in their own tables and chairs in an effort to stand out. With almost 20 of these events under our belt we had to rub our eyes and be sure it wasn’t a mirage when we realized…they had gone beyond the 8ft table and white samsonite chairs we provide. Beautiful glass top pillar tables and acrylic dining chairs set this table a part from all the rest.  Having gone over the top, by well …bringing in their own furniture, we love that they kept the rest simple. Low white flower arrangement, traditional candles and placemats with Acura labeled Go-Vinos for each guest. Classy all the way.

4) Break the Rules! – Los Angeles 2014 – Will Rogers Mansion

pop up LA013




pop up LA007Show us how it’s done! This table was created by, our then HME intern, Ms. Cayleigh Hopkins last year in L.A. She told us what she was planning, an old hollywood glamour extravaganza suitable for Will Roger’s home!! But gasp…white would not be the theme!  I would be lying if I said I didn’t get nervous!!  Was it too far out? Breaking all the rules? I think we can safely say we learned two things from this table. 1) Inspiration goes a lot further than conformity. 2) Beauty has no color. (And you know what…we secretly encourage you to break the rules too)  The white theme is a suggestion, not a law, from the red and white rose centerpieces with movie film streaming down, to the black and white striped runners, personal champagne bottles, gold tipped water goblets and gold chivari chairs… We couldn’t just post one photo of this table.  There had to be two!

5) Pretty In Pink – Los Angeles 2014 – Will Rogers Mansion

pop up LA031











pop up LA034
Yet another example of how amazing color can be! This beautiful and uniquely casual table a guest created for PopUp Dinner L.A. last year, goes to show that you don’t have to compromise on design to keep it simple.  Look at these amazing camping place settings with a chalkboard center for the name tag!  The silverware pop right out when you are ready to eat. We also love the Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs cans that color coordinate.  What a simple way to make sure you get your bubbly to the picnic dinner! We also LOVE the orchid and rose center piece and the pink macaroons!

6) The White Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco 2012-2013 – Marina Green & Civic Center Plaza

white bridge copy

This white Golden Gate Bridge has become something of a “thing”. It’s famous at our SF parties and probably the most photographed table we have ever had. Simple but perfect. Representing The Bay, and dining in white. Timeless. Someone actually built this. And we love it :).

7) Garden Delight- Charleston 2014 – Hyde Park Polo FieldDSC_3309

How gorgeous is this! Again, the color set it a part. White table cloth with burlap runners. Silver plates and vases full of purple flowers. We want to eat at this table!
Perfection and perfectly at home at this Charleston Polo Field.

8) Picnic Fabulous in SoCal – San Diego 2012 – Embarcadero Park


We love this table from our first San Diego event. This true country picnic table separates itself from anything else we have seen over the last four years.  These guests used a quilt instead of a table cloth, brought out their grandmother’s china, white lanterns and greens. But look at that feast!

9) Light Up The Night – Minneapolis 2013 – Boom Island


We love the way this table was done. Because it glows! White lights (powered by a mini generator) covered in tulle and candles make everything white shine.  After the sun went down this stands out and it’s the best lit table we have ever seen.  What a beautiful and practical table to light up the night.

PopUp [adj.] pertaining to or executing a spontaneous or unique event where participants create an unexpected, one-of-a-kind experience.


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