PopUp Twin Cities- A Little History!

With nothing but a dream to start a company that would feed our creative spirit and freedom (and zero event planning experience!!), we started Hand Made Events in 2011. Our original inspiration came from a photo of a European event where people gathered to dine under the night sky, dressed from head to toe in white. Starting with our first event in San Francisco, we quickly expanded into L.A. and San Diego.  The Twin Cities was our first stop producing the PopUp Dinner outside of California. When we tell people this, they always ask, “Why Minneapolis?” We have the answer – Garrett Sathre, my partner at Hand Made Events (and in life) grew up in Maple Grove, Minnesota and we never questioned that it would be our next destination! We visit every summer with our two kids, spending every waking moment on Garrett’s father’s boat (fishing of course!!) on Lake Waconia. We LOVE Minnesota and consider it our second home.

Garrett, Jack (6) and Elle (3) 2014

Garrett, Jack (6) and Elle (3) 2014

In 2013, 500 brave and adventurous guests joined us at a secret location to dine under the stars for the inaugural PopUp Dinner Twin Cities.  At 3pm the day of the event, the location of Boom Island was revealed!  And what an incredible venue it proved to be – dining with a backdrop of the Minneapolis skyline made for the most memorable evening and a wonderful premiere event for PopUp Dinner Twin Cities!


Photo Credit: Michael Boeckmann http://www.irvineparkimages.com

In 2014, we partnered with the Minneapolis Parks Foundation, donating a portion of the event proceeds to an organization that supports the very same thing we celebrate – open space in our cities. On August 16th, almost 600 people descended upon the romantic and picturesque Thomas Lowry Park to enjoy a lovely PopUp meal.


Photo Credit: Jordi Lee Photography jordileephotography.blogspot.com

This year, PopUp Dinner Twin Cities will be bigger and better than ever! With attendance on the rise, we are able to not only produce an event with more to offer our guests, but we are also raising more money for the Minneapolis Parks Foundation. It’s a win-win situation. And we can’t wait to share it with all of you!

People often ask us which city is our favorite to produce the event in and our answer is always the same, ALL OF THEM. And that’s because our guests are the ones who set the tone for the night with their decor, cuisine, fashion, and demeanor, making each event as unique as the city it is hosted in. Just as we can count on San Francisco to be be eccentric, Los Angeles to be fashionable, and Brooklyn to be a wild party, we can count on YOU, Minneapolis, to be the most elegant of them all with the highest level of decorum imaginable!

Until August 1st Minneapolis… Thank you for loving the event and allowing us to live our dream!!!

PopUp [adj.] pertaining to or executing a spontaneous or unique event where participants create an unexpected, one-of-a-kind experience.


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