Where Would You Dine in Your City?

What makes our event so fun (even for us)??! We have been to 17 PopUp Dinners since we started Hand Made Events in 2011 and the reason it’s always fun is because it’s never the same. Ever. Even within the same city, the secret location that moves every year makes it brand new every time. That being said we do have our favorite spot in each city. On May 23 we had our 2nd Sonoma Wine Country Event and the evening was beyond magical because of it’s location. I thought, “How will we ever top this? Where will we go next year in Sonoma Wine Country?.” And it got me to thinking about my favorite spot in each city we visit. Here they are!

Sonoma Wine Country

Jack London State Park


Wine Country is our only event that doesn’t take place in a metropolitan area and it has such a relaxed and unique feel to begin with, but then…just to really push the limits…we placed it in the most remote location we could,  Jack London State Park. But the results were incredible! The old winery ruins provided the most amazing and special place to dine and I am absolutely certain that Jack London himself was there …..

San Francisco

Music Concourse Golden Gate Park



This was our very first event. And when I say that, I don’t mean our very first PopUp Dinner. I mean besides a wedding and our own birthday parties…we had never planned an event. Leave it to us to think we can pull off a dinner festival for 3500 as rookies. And leave it to us to be blessed with luck, amazing luck. The Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park was suggested to us as the perfect venue by the woman permitting the event. And she could not have been more right. It is by far the most magical place in the whole city. Coupled with the rare San Francisco 70-degree night (Yes, in San Francisco!)  that we were blessed with. It was the event of a lifetime and we will never forget it. Can you see all the people in white descending on the Concourse in this photo?


San Diego

Broadway Pier


The newly renovated Broadway Pier was our first choice for the San Diego PopUp Dinner in 2012. But they were not permitted for outdoor events until 2013 so we had to wait and our inaugural event took place at the Embarcadero Park South (also a great location). But the Pier was worth waiting for. Jutting out into water with views of the San Diego Bay on one side and the Downtown Skyline on the other. Hands down my favorite location in San Diego.

Los Angeles

Santa Monica Pier

pop up dinner la_0879

How do you top the Santa Monica Pier (although I think we just might get close with the 2015 L.A. location coming up!)!!?? But dining on the old wooden pier with the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean and dancing with the roller coaster lights flashing in the background was something I will never forget. Spectacular night!

Twin Cities

Boom Island


Our first year in Twin Cities the PopUp Dinner took place on Boom Island. The views from this grassy knoll on the water are breathtaking and made this California team fall madly in love with Minneapolis.

Brooklyn, Miami and Charleston were all first year events in 2014 but the venues should get a mention.

Brooklyn – The Peninsula in Prospect Park made diners feel as if they escaped the city for the night.

pop up brooklyn254

Hyde Park Polo Field – White lights strung from a barn and southern charm. Perfection.


Miami – Virginia Key Beach – This was our last stop! Step though the trees and you will see this paradise, where we had a private party with our own little team looking back on how incredible the 2014 season was.


PopUp [adj.] pertaining to or executing a spontaneous or unique event where participants create an unexpected, one-of-a-kind experience.


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